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The most complete and detailed consensus estimates product in the market, with up to 100 operational and financial metrics for each covered company.

  • We launched Consensus Metrix in 2011 with our very successful Restaurants module. With coverage of virtually every company in the industry with analyst coverage, this initial release was very well received.

    In 2012, we followed with the release of the Gaming, Lodging, and Cruise Liners modules. Our detailed coverage of financial and operational metrics for International and Regional Gaming companies, along with REITS and C-Corps, proved to be equally favored by our clients.

    We are poised to expand into both the Retail and Recreation industries in 2014. With an additional coverage base of approximately 140 companies, we will be the one-stop shop for detailed consumer cyclical stocks, covering everything from Apparel, Grocers, Drugstores and Specialty Retail, to Toy Manufacturers, Travel Companies, and many more.

  • Can You Spot Next Quarter's Winners & Losers?
    Can You Spot Next Quarter's Winners & Loser

    TUE 02 JUL 13 | 06:40 AM ET
    Ashwani Kaul, Kaul Advisory Group, provides his projections on which sectors will likely prove to be the real earnings bright spots in the second quarter.

  • Q3 Earning scorecard
    Q3 Earning scorecard

    Friday, 24 Oct 2014 | 8:31 AM ET
    Ashwani Kaul, Consensus Metrix CEO provides insight on how companies are faring so far this earnings season.

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